Friday, 18 October 2013


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It seems to be getting to the crunchy end of uni; projects are due and exams are looming right around the corner. Yesterday I headed out with a group of uni friends to film for one of our assignments, and a few of the above photos are from a rather well deserved break that we took at a delicious Mexican restaurant. The box of cigarettes are not mine (I don't smoke) but belong to a friend of mine, and they were so pretty I couldn't resist my photographing urge! Seriously, how gorgeous are they?

Later on in the day I went for a walk around Regent's Park, and despite a few unintentional squelches in the mud, it was such a beautiful rendezvous! I'd walked around the park before, but this time I decided to delve in deeper and take paths that I'd never taken before, some that barely even counted as a path (because I'm rebellious like that). As a result, some gems were definitely discovered. As I was walking around, I felt like I was Alice (Alix?) in Wonderland. I was expecting the Cheshire cat to show his face at any given moment in a tree or a shrub or similar natural artefact. There were all kinds of cute little bridges and lakes and there was even a waterfall! This exploration really revealed to me how much I love bridges... There was a super cute one that made me feel like I was even more in a fairytale, and I convinced my friend we should cross it and go through the little wooden picket gate that was on the other side. Through this gate, we ended up on a little island! It was so cute. There were all these little windy paths made from tiny pebbles and beautiful shrubs and strange yet wonderful sculptures. I could only imagine having a little picnic there, or a fairytale-themed shoot. Maybe one day...

In other news, I found my way into a second hand shop today. I wanted to buy so many things, but I resisted... how does one start an online shop? Do I just launch in and take that leap? I don't even know how to alter clothes yet! Ahhh, I've so many things to learn before I even start.

I'm quite excited to learn though :) 

Apologies for the lack of outfit/fashion related posts recently, I'll be back on it in my next post.

P.S That super green mossy field pictured above? Yup, it's not a mossy field, but a lake! My friend and I were convinced it was a little patch of super green grass but then thought it was a little too green... and thus threw an innocent coin to reveal that it rippled. Curious.

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