Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Italian Vibes

[Sources: garrypeppergirl.com, weheartit.com]

I found myself watching Eat, Pray, Love for the first time the other day, and ever since then it's safe to say I've had a bit of an infatuation with Italian culture. I don't know if it's the insanely blue waters, the pasta, the fun and lively people... I've been feeling all the Italian vibes! Not to mention, after watching the movie and browsing a few of my favourite fashion bloggers the next morning, I saw that Nicole Warne had put up some photos of her trip to Italy [see some above]. I took it as a sign. I've had my first few lessons of the language, and I'm dreaming of the day I finally find myself prancing around the streets of Venice and eating Spaghetti in Rome. I have a trip planned to travel around Europe in the middle of next year with some friends, so that will be the time. I plan to be fluent by then. Challenge accepted.

P.S I will hopefully be making my first outfit post sometime next week! Stay tuned ;)

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  1. Italy is most definitely one of my favourite countries I could truly spend weeks travelling around. Beautifully inspirational photos :)