Saturday, 12 October 2013

Little Brown Fox

My first outfit post! I was feeling very casual on this overcast Saturday, so I opted for something simple and comfortable. Converse are probably the most comfortable shoes I own (that are acceptable in public... don't know how well my ugg boots would go down!) and were perfect for prancing around in all day. When I put this outfit together, I envisioned myself frolicking through the leaves and kicking them about as if I were a little child again...  which might have something to do with the brown autumn tones of my backpack as well as the fact that it's a fox. Embracing my inner child! I should also mention that my jumper is leather, everything but the sleeves! Cool, right?

I don't want to bore with too much writing, but I also want to talk a bit about this blog and what I've set out to do. First things first, I love fashion and see it forever in my future. I'm excited to get this blog on the road not only to see my fashion journey but also to see my physical and, in a way, life journey. As of right now, I'm on a bit of a weight loss quest, and I hope that as time progresses I'll be able to see my transformation in the photos! Bring on the future :)

[Shoes: Converse, Pants: Zara Denim, Jumper: Warehouse, Backpack: Accessorize]

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