Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My New Babies!

The newest additions to my shoe family! May I introduce to you the Zomg Platform Sneaker by JC Play by Jeffrey Campbell, and the Rum Moto Boot, also by Jeffrey Campbell. I am in love with them both! I'm partial to the platform sneakers though, not only because of their current fluorescent white condition which I'm enjoying for this summer, but because of the wonderful height! 1.85" just in the sole, baby. I will point out that this height is most welcome because I'm a bit of a shortie. Whilst the Rum Moto boot has a nice heel on it, the sneakers will help me out more on a day-to-day basis. Living in Australia, I have to be prepared to run and flee at all times in case of boxing kangaroos or giant spiders decked out in helmets and knee-pads.

(Note: I did happen to wear the JC sneakers yesterday to brunch, but I was running late when my friend came to pick me up and didn't have a chance to grab any socks or put the shoes on until I was in the car. Low and behold, 5 minutes of walking in them I was in mass amounts of pain, and I now have a giant crater where part of my heel used to be (TMI? Sorry!). Always, always, remember socks. Socks are your friends!)

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